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At 5th Ave. Cork & Co., we take great pride in bringing you a stylish collection of items made from one of the most extraordinary and eco-friendly substances on earth: all-natural cork.

Cork, harvested from the Quercus suber or cork oak tree, has been used by mankind for thousands of years. All of the early advanced civilizations in the world used this fascinating bark to make a wide variety of everyday objects for home and industry.

In the modern world though, we care not only about a product’s usefulness, but its sustainability. We want to care for our earth so that it will stay healthy for countless generations to come. That very care is one of the things that sets cork apart as an excellent renewable resource. Not only is cork 100% natural, sustainable, and recyclable, it cannot be reproduced synthetically. When it comes to cork, the real thing is the only thing.

Here at 5th Ave. Cork & Co., we admire that originality. That authenticity that allows cork to stand in its own category of one. Sometimes standing alone is lonely. But sometimes it just means you are unique and cannot be duplicated, even with all the technology in the world.

We bring original products made from all-natural cork to clients of discerning tastes. All of the items you see in our store are designed by European designers and handmade from sustainable cork harvested in Portugal, the cork capital of the world. These products offer sophisticated styling and authentic handmade quality stemming from over 40 years of experience in the fashion world.

You can trust 5th Ave. Cork & Co. Not only because all our products are made from one-of-a-kind all-natural cork, but because our experience in the industry gives us the confidence to guarantee the authenticity of all our products, as well as provide a one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty. If there’s a problem, return it within 10 days. We’ll take care of you.

Our collection is marketed in the top fashion cities in the world—Milan, Tokyo, Paris, and the like. It’s nice to have those kudos. It’s also nice to have a cutting-edge look and lead the fashion world in quality and authenticity. But what’s really nice is leaving a small footprint. With eco-friendly, renewable, recyclable cork we can enjoy our fashion looks, enjoy lightweight, naturally water repellent products, while knowing we are protecting the world. Keeping it healthy and strong with our choices.

Stop in and look around. We think you’ll like what you see. Handsome styling, good quality, reasonable prices, and a great warranty all add up an intelligent and satisfying shopping experience.